Welcome to the ARMO website. The Affiliation of Rotomoulding Organisations, ARMO, brings together Rotomoulding industry associations from across the world, to work together promoting and improving the industry. ARMO aims to provide an international, worldwide channel for the exchange of information and ideas in the Rotational moulding industry. It is also working to raise the profile of the fantastic manufacturing possibilities our process provides to create attractive innovative products.

As an OEM, Designer or Entrepreneur this site can link you to the Rotomoulding association in your geographical area, which in turn can put you in touch with local innovative moulders and suppliers to help bring your product ideas to fruition.

As a rotational moulder, the ARMO website provides a link to a worldwide network of knowledge and experience to help you find partners for cooperation, solutions for your problems and help with innovative projects. Through our Newsletters, Seminars and conferences around the world members of our group associations gain access to knowledge of the latest techniques and materials for the process and unrivalled networking possibilities. Association members also gain access to our extensive collection of past papers from ARMO conferences.

I would encourage you to take advantage of the resource. Attend some of the events and conferences worldwide to stay up to date with the rapid development in our industry, making contacts and friends around the world that can help you and your business.

I look forward to meeting you at a Rotomoulding event somewhere in the world sometime soon.

Martin Spencer
Chair of ARMO

ARMO Chair Martin Spencer
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