15 Years Strong!

by Maria Quinn, Powder King


On April 05, 2018, Powder King® celebrated 15 years of business. The company has grown from the dreams of founder and CEO, Jim Hummel, also a 26-year veteran of the Plastics Industry, to a company whose products and pulverizers are sold to customers throughout the world. Corporate to Manufacturing, Powder King® has continued to evolve over the years, not only gaining business but receiving continuous support from its returning customers. “We produce what our customers want, and we will make it happen” says Jim Hummel.

“We will build a mill that no one has, one that would be the benchmark of all pulverizers.” -- Jim Hummel. READ MORE


Letter from the ARMO Chair

by Martin Spencer, ARMO Chair


Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2018!

The hot topic this year at meetings and conferences around the Rotomoulding world is Automation. There is interest in this topic for several reasons. In many areas of the world we are experiencing times of high employment so finding and retaining good employees is becoming more and more difficult. So different levels of automation are being considered and introduced to make the employees be more productive. Well-engineered machines and robots can operate 24/7 without refreshment breaks or annual holidays, both in part moulding and finishing operations. READ MORE


A World Premier at ARMO2018

September 16-18, 2018

Hamburg, Germany

by Oliver Wandres, ARM-CE & ARMO2018 Chair


The organizers of ARMO2018 are proud to announce that for a first time ever, the ARMO Conference exhibition will feature two rotational moulding machines – that will both be producing live on stage.

Both machines produce by means of electrical power only, and aim to automate Rotational moulding production, but with completely different and independent approaches.

German company ROTO evolution has developed a unique new Rotational moulding machine and setup, which is offering numerous advantages. READ MORE


Let’s brag about the multiple facets of rotational moulding!

by Katia Zopetti, IT-RO Chair


As part of our activity, the Italian rotomoulding association IT-RO Italia Rotazionale has recently kicked off a new initiative to spread knowledge of rotational moulding’s many facets at the most important trade fairs in Italy.

IT-RO IN TOUR represents the exhibition format the association IT-RO uses in trade fairs that take place all over Italy, particularly at shows that deal with products or applications pertinent to Rotomoulding technology. READ MORE


Colours in Rotomoulding

Rotomoulding is a fantastic process that is versatile, flexible, and open to design. By using colours, you can differentiate your products and make them unique.

by Angélique Brocatus-Kooijmans, Business Development Manager Powders, A. Schulman


Colours are not only used as visual appreciation but can be used for safety reasons as well, think about road bollards.

To produce a colour, different methods in the industry can be used. You can use dryblending, by adding a pigment to your natural polymer, via a low speed or high speed blender. Or you can make a fully compounded colour via an extrusion process. READ MORE


Polypropylene – The Quasi Engineering Material

by Ravi Mehra, PSD Rotoworx P/L & 4Roto LLC


Breaking Out of the Polyethylene Dependancy

As far back as the 1980’s there has been a very clear desire from rotational moulders and designers: “We need more variety of resins to work with, other than “Polyethylenes”. As time has gone by the request for more variety of resins has continued. The intensity of this message has not waned; the industry just kept hoping and asking for more.

Over the years resin suppliers have made presentations at conferences introducing different materials. Some of them were modified grades of Polyethylene, formulated to address a specific need, but there were other non-Polyethylene resins promoted as well. These included: Nylon 6, Nylon 11 & 12, PVDF, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, Polybutylene, and Polypropylene, just to name a few. Why then does rotomoulding continue to be defined by Polyethylenes? Not because that is the only material available, but because it is the material that is most widely used. READ MORE


ARMO Mission

The Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organisations (ARMO) was established to provide an equal forum for organisations serving the global rotational

moulding industry. ARMO is a voluntary group of organisations servicing the global rotomoulding industry, each having their individual memberships and structure. The members of the affiliation will work together to advise the industry through their individual organisations, however the vision of ARMO is to work co-operatively on various projects for the benefit of all members.

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